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Tru Hunnit

TruHunnit reigns from Chicago, Illinois where he was born Martrell Duncan during the hot & humid summer of ’92. His heated entry was a clear indication of the fire he’d soon ignite as a rapper, songwriter, actor, and CEO. The “Hunnits” in Chicago was the backdrop for his physical as well as musical birth as melodies and words became his medium of expression. In the rhythm and rhyme he found his purpose and it felt good. He would take the “Hunnits” with him as his TruHunnit story continued to unfold.

Tru would eventually move to Las Vegas where his medium began to transform into his mode as an underground artist and the industry took notice. What was once a high & outlet, Tru was ready to make a priority and began his own label “F.T.B.T.T.T”, “From the Bottom to the Top.” By his side and with grind in hand & heart, his little brother Keyante Hughes better known by his stage name ” Tae fitt; his cousin “r3tro” and his cousin Zacha “MOO” Bell – would show and prove that FOE (family over everything) on the way to the top. Tru sought to take his career to the next level with the help of his hometown. His musical inspiration has been largely shaped by other local artists hailing from Chicago who came before Tru as examples of making something out of nothing. Tru is determined to do the same and plans to soon grace the pages of the next Freshman class of XXL Magazine. Tru is blazing the scene in preparation for his ascension.